Toolbox for supporting social innovators

Here you will find collected tools to support developers of social innovations, i.e. innovative solutions to current societal challenges. The tools can be used by innovation promoters in Sweden and internationally, e.g. incubators, science parks and innovation offices. The toolbox aims to increase the ability to identify, attract and support social innovators.

The PRocess
Support of social innovators

How do we attract and secure the target group in our inflow?

  • How do social innovators find us?

  • How do we make social innovators feel included and welcome?

  • How do we assess social innovators and their innovations?

How does our governance process contribute to the support of social innovators?
How is social innovation integrated into our goals and indicators?

How do we support social innovators in incubation / acceleration?


  • How do we coach social innovators?

  • What skills and competencies do we offer our social innovators?

  • How do we support business models and financing networks for social innovators?


How do we ensure long-term survival?

  • Are there networks for continued support?

  • Are there opportunities for continued financing?

  • Are there other types of aftercare?

How do we visualize and communicate our social innovations / innovators in our communication?
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